100% eco-friendly removal of limescale and boiler scale

>100% eco-friendly removal of limescale and boiler scale</
About Eco Water

About Eco Water

Eco Water is not just a name, it is a team of experts in the fields of physics, electrochemistry, and environmental engineering. In close collaboration with experts in thermal engineering and pumping equipment, after several years of work, we have created a product, a type of installation element, which helps to solve the problem of limescale in plumbing systems.

At the moment, this is the latest technology for water purification, meeting all criteria for an environmentally friendly product that does not pollute the environment.

No limescale with Eco Water MWD

The benefits of the Eco Water MWD limescale prevention device and limescale-free water

Improves the taste of water

It processes and enhances the taste of drinking water without filtering out the beneficial mineral components of the water. It significantly reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Extended service life

Extends the lifespan of water-utilizing electrical appliances and equipment by preventing the formation of limescale on surfaces and heating elements.

Reduces the use of chemicals

Thanks to the absence of limescale, the consumption of laundry detergents, cleaning agents, and soaps is reduced in households or hotels.

Saves electricity and gas

Saves resources for water heating facilities, such as boilers and heating systems. Eliminates overloading of circulation pumps and plumbing branches.

Prevents the formation of scale

Prevents the formation of limescale and inhibits corrosion, reduces the cost of chemical cleaning of systems and the need for frequent replacement of clogged pipes.

Favors plant development

It has a positive effect on the development of indoor or nursery plants by improving water absorption with minerals and preventing limescale buildup on pots.

Reviews of limescale prevention systems

Reviews for our filters against limescale and boiler scale. Benefits and effectiveness in fighting against boiler scale.

How to Work Eco Water

Under the influence of the hydrodynamics of water and the change in water temperature, calcium bicarbonate breaks down into carbon dioxide and the poorly soluble calcium carbonate (calcite). The released carbon dioxide CO2 combines with zinc cations, forming zinc carbonate ZnCO3. Calcite CaCO3, which crystallizes in a trigonal system, gives rise to aragonite (a polymorphic form of CaCO3), which crystallizes in a rhombohedral system. Aragonite has the property of being washed away under the influence of the water system.

Certificates and Expertise of Eco Water

Certificates and expertise from world-class quality testing laboratories for the effectiveness of the Eco Water device against limescale and boiler scale. Values ​​of limescale during testing of the device in certified laboratories.

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